3 Questions You May Have Before You Hire Us

Thursday, April 21, 2016

When you're searching for the ideal outsourced call center partner, you're certain to have plenty of questions. After all, you're looking for someone who will actually be an extension of your brand. Customers will have contact with them day after day, so you want them to be amazing. At Five Star Call Centers, we completely understand. Here are three of the most common questions we hear from new customers on a regular basis.

1. What level of skill and experience do your agents have?

All of our team members are experts at what they do. We have a careful hiring process to ensure we only get the right people for the job. We want friendly candidates who are well-spoken and have a genuine interest in working with your customers. Our unique training and systems allow our  agents to demonstrate knowledge and efficiency when handling calls.  We carefully assess competency and give each of them accessible resources to help guide each call. In many cases, team members spend years with the exact same client.

2. What Does It Really Cost?

The standard industry answer is that what it costs to run a campaign depends on exactly what you want, and while that's true of us as well, you have some choices when you work with Five Star Call Centers. We offer a range of services including inbound care, outbound call support, email and chat options, and IVR systems. On top of selecting the right option to meet your needs, though, you can also choose from a shared or dedicated services model. Our shared service model is a budget friendly package that will keep your costs low, so if budget is a concern, we can certainly help. If, on the other hand, if you’re looking for a branded experience or agents to work complex support, our dedicated service model might be the option your company requires.

3. What Kind of Reporting Do You Offer?

Any customer care company should be able to offer you detailed reports so you know how things are moving forward. At Five Star Call Centers, we take that one step further. We offer you a clear, concise analysis of everything we do so you can understand the level of service you get when one of your customers works with us. All of our reporting is available in through an online portal. You can access it as often as you like. In fact, we'll even send you sample reports so you can see exactly how important this process is to us.

More questions? Let us help. Set up an appointment today to tour our facilities or take the time to meet with us by phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

At Five Star Call Centers, we've always considered our employees to be 'super agents'. Each agent is rigorously tra……