A Few Ways You Might Realize We’re the Right Fit For You

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Few Ways You Might Realize We’re the Right Fit For You

We want you to be confident about choosing us to represent your brand. We carefully select each customer service representative we hire using strong background checks, phone conversations, and data entry to ensure our employees are the perfect fit for our clients. Our inbound and outbound customer care is customizable to fit your business.  Our technology keeps up with your needs for data entry, security, and reporting. Here are a few ways you might realize Five Star is actually the right fit for your company.

We believe that happy and supported employees will better serve you. Our employees get to know your clients and their needs which leads to many long term customer service relationships. Our friendly, caring customer service representatives will do an excellent job for you. Trained to know your brand inside and out before representing you, our customer care employees are experts at what they do.
At Five Star Call Centers, we want our services to fit your needs. We offer inbound and outbound customer service as well as email and live chat. We also offer shared or dedicated services depending on the size of your call volume and business needs. We can also combine various services such as inbound customer service representatives with live chat, and IVR.

We have IT support 24/7 to ensure all of your customers needs are being met with the highest security. Our workforce management system allows us to ensure associates are available and your customers needs are being met quickly and efficiently. Along with these we have an excellent data entry system that allows representatives serving you access to inventories and customer information to better meet your customers’ needs.

Our employees matter to us, and you matter to them. Our top-of-the-line services and technology systems are compatible with all of your business needs. We are positive Five Star Call Centers is the right fit for you.

Leann, who is an outstanding team member at Five Star Call Centers, had a very special guest at work today for her……