How Can You Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Customers are expecting more from companies than ever before. They want to know you are willing to do more to keep their business. In a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, customer service was the #1 deciding factor for keeping a client happy. The survey also found that 95% of customers shared bad customer service experiences as opposed to 87% that shared good customer service experiences. It isn’t enough to offer customer service, you have to offer great customer service. According to a survey by the National Business Research Institute, when a product is the best among similar offerings, it is important to separate it from the rest with marketing and good customer service.  At Five Star Call Centers, we understand your customers deserve the best attention and service. It is important to us that they receive just that. There's quite a bit you can do too! How can you go the extra mile for your customers? 

Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives. Providing more than just adequate customer service is key to keeping customers happy and loyal.  Knowledgeable customer service representatives and limited hold times create satisfied customers. You can decrease hold times by offering a variety of communications including interactive voice response, email, and live chats

Quick and Personal Service. Taking the time to make sure you are listening to and addressing their needs without wasting their time.  Give your CSR the authority to correct mistakes without multiple transfers. Providing quick solutions to problems without having to transfer to another representative lets your customer know they are important and that you value their time.

Listen to Customer Needs. When the customer feels like you are willing to help them by going the extra mile or offering special services they will stay loyal to you. By listening to their needs our CSRs will recommend services that would increase client satisfaction because the customer receives the right product the first time. 

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction. Check in with clients to verify satisfaction with quality assurance and customer retention initiatives such as follow-up surveys via phone call or email. Let your customer know their experience and satisfaction will help you go the extra mile for them by addressing/solving any problems  they may have encountered.  Following up with a customer can turn a negative experience with your company into a positive interaction they will share with others.

At Five Star Call Centers, we ensure that our call center representatives are well versed and knowledgeable about your services so that they can provide the answers and assistance your customers need.

At Five Star Call Centers, we've always considered our employees to be 'super agents'. Each agent is rigorously tra……