Looking to Improve Brand Loyalty? We Can Help.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Looking to Improve Brand Loyalty? We Can Help.

Think of brands like Apple, Harley Davidson, or Starbucks. What do they all have in common? Brand loyalty.

Generally, these companies are representative of being the best in their industry. How did they accomplish the kind of the loyalty that would warrant events such as customers standing in line for days to buy the newest iPhone or eagerly awaiting the seasonal delights of a spiced pumpkin latte? They have achieved success by implementing quality on all levels including product and business model innovation, advertising, customer loyalty programs, and meeting consumers on an emotional level. Improving brand loyalty can be as easy as using social media to implement customer loyalty programs as well as consumer feedback. Enhanced customer experience can be made by offering free shipping and returns or as simple as empowering customer service representatives to meet customer needs without transferring to multiple representatives. The following are just a few ideas to get you started.

• Stay passionate about your brand to keep your customers loyal. Embracing new platforms and technology for advertising and distribution will keep customers coming back for more. Share what your company believes in not just what it sells.

• Offer special discounts or entry into prize drawings when customers share their purchase or use of your brand on social media.

• Use feedback from consumers to better serve them and enhance their customer experience. You should always look for ways to make the emotional experience with your brand a new way to connect to your customers.

• Loyalty programs that make discounted or free shipping/returns a standard part of purchasing your brand.  Don’t just focus on discounts also consider upgrades or trade-ins to further build brand loyalty.

• Hire employees that are thoroughly trained to know your brand and believe in it strongly enough to advocate for it themselves. An employee that doesn’t believe in your brand won’t represent you with the intensity that develops loyalty.

Five Star Call Centers can help increase loyalty to your brand with our dedicated service models designed to meet all of your outsourced call center needs. Our representatives get to know your customers and in turn, can help you learn the best ways to keep the passion and loyalty for your brand growing over the long term. We learn the ins and outs of your brand and train our customer service representatives to specifically represent your company and services which will maximize your returns and build a solid following of loyal customers.

Leann, who is an outstanding team member at Five Star Call Centers, had a very special guest at work today for her……