Top 5 Customer Service Complaints and How We Can Help

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Top 5 Customer Service Complaints and How We Can Help

At Five Star Call Centers, we understand customer service is an integral piece to a successful business. Customer loyalty is contingent on a great customer service experience. In a Verint survey, 48% of customers would choose excellent service over price. The following are the most common customer service complaints and how we will ensure your customers receive the best customer service possible.

Incompetent staff

It is important that every service representative is well trained and properly educated. At Five Star Call Centers, we thoroughly train every representative in your specific product or service. Our focus is to represent your brand and keep your customers happy.

One policy fits all

When it comes to customer satisfaction it is important to treat each customer as an individual. By adhering to the old adage “The customer is always right” you are demonstrating that you see their situation as being unique to them and care about keeping them as a customer.

Unfriendly greetings and refusing to apologize

A customer with a complaint is probably already disgruntled. Greeting them with a friendly hello can soften their demeanor from the beginning. A winning service team is trained to carefully listen to each customer, apologize for the problems, and speak in friendly sincere tones.

Transferring customers to multiple representatives

There may be nothing more irksome than having to explain your situation to two, possibly three or more customer service representatives and still not receiving a viable solution. Empowering your customer service representatives to solve problems without transferring customers will make both parties feel respected and lead to quick solutions for most problems.

Ignoring the customer

Long hold times and canned email responses would make any customer feel ignored. Customers want to know that their time is important to you and that they are being listened to. Consider adding interactive voice response or live chats to better meet your customers’ needs. E-mail response should be personalized for each customer.

Five Star Call Centers' inbound call center customer services ensure that your company will have the best customer service representative thoroughly trained to give customers the best experience and win their loyalty. We offer call centers, interactive voice response, email, live chat, and other mediums that can meet all of your customer services needs.

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